Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage is the term applied to the discipline of using massage for the specific benefit of all sports and exercise participants. It is the vigorous manipulation of the soft tissues in the body for the athlete or active individual.

All therapists here at The Physio Lounge are qualified physiotherapists and have experience working in sport at the highest level and are more than capable of meeting your requirements. Sports massage is often used in conjunction with Sports Rehabilitation and Sports Screening to optimise the effect.

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Benefits of Sports Massage

  • Prevents soft tissue injury
  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Enhances recovery and the ability to train or perform
  • Improves circulation, movement and athletic performance

When Would Sports Massage Help?

  • Pre-event – assists in event preparation, ensuring muscles and soft tissue are supple and ready for activity.
  • Post-event – accelerates recovery and ensures on-going training is not disrupted.
  • Maintenance – assists in managing longer-term issues, and addressing on-going postural or repetitive strain issues.

What the treatment involves

During the first session your therapist will ask some brief health related questions to ensure that there are no reasons why a sports massage cannot be performed. Depending on the area that you require treating you may need to remove relevant clothing.

What should I wear? 

Long cycling shorts and tracksuit bottoms restrict access to your thighs and hips and are not suitable for treatment sessions.

Ladies: Please bring something suitable for us to access the area that you require treatment for, this could simply be a sports bra/vest and shorts. However, we also use towels regularly during sports massage sessions.

Gents: Briefs, tight fitting boxers or shorts are fine. Loose fitting running shorts are ideal.


Drink plenty of water before your session and after your session, a good guide would be 500ml before and 1L in the hours after your session. Try to avoid any substances that may dehydrate you before and after your massage, such as caffeine and alcohol.

What type of oil/wax is used?

We use a simple hypoallergenic massage lotion called Chemodol. Allergic reactions to this products is rare but if you have any concerns, please raise these with your therapist who will be happy to offer an alternative.

How can I maintain the benefits of massage in between sessions? 

Our therapists will complete your session by advising you on general and specific ways to maintain the benefits of your massage.  This may include foam roller/trigger point ball use, myofascial release techniques, stretching, postural cues and workstation modification.  Additionally, make sure you drink lots of water, minimise long periods of sitting and use appropriate warm-up and cool-down strategies.

Persistent symptoms should not be ignored and may be related to other joint or stability issues. However your physiotherapist will be able to identify persistent issues and may recommend a physiotherapy assessment, if appropriate, to treat the cause of your issue at the root.

How much does it cost?

30-min Sports Massage Manchester £40

30-min Sports Massage Warrington £40

30-min Sports Massage Knowsley £35

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60-min Sports Massage Manchester £70

60-min Sports Massage Warrington £70

60-min Sports Massage Knowsley £65

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