We are open! Face to face appointments may be available for certain patients following a free risk assessment phone call.

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Individuals – 0345 122 3100
Corporate – 01823 625270
Major Corporate (United Utilities) – 01823 625295 or 0800 9150809

Web: http://www.wpa.org.uk

How to claim

In order to book a physiotherapy appointment using your WPA health insurance cover, we suggest that you follow the steps below.

1. Acquire a GP referral through either a telephone consultation or a face-to-face appointment with your GP, whichever is most convenient. You may also have the opportunity to gain authorisation through a Nuffield Health Triage, if so just mention that you would like to see a therapist at The Physio Lounge and Nuffield will send us the referral.

NB: If you are on a cash plan scheme you may be able to self-refer for four sessions without a GP referral, if you are unsure please contact WPA directly to find out which policy you have.

2. Contact The Physio Lounge to arrange a provisional appointment and obtain the name of the clinician that will be treating you, which WPA will require upon authorising your treatment.

3. Contact WPA to arrange authorisation for your treatment prior to your upcoming appointment. In order to gain authorisation you will be asked to provide the name of the practitioner you will be seeing at The Physio Lounge; Samuel Matheson, Craig Lea, Paul Billington or Brogan Lawrie.

4. Finally please contact The Physio Lounge with your authorisation code and number of authorised sessions, at which point we can confirm your upcoming appointment. We will then use this code to invoice WPA directly.

Should you require further treatment following your initial course, you simply repeat steps 3 and 4. However, we suggest that you check your annual allowance, which can vary depending on your policy/scheme.

NB: Occasionally WPA may direct you to Nuffield Health for triage, if this happens then Nuffield Health will contact us directly with a referral and our team will contact you to arrange an initial assessment. Please note that although WPA may refer to a total number of sessions available, once you become a Nuffield Health patient we are only permitted to use the total number of authorised sessions that Nuffield Health allow. This is often around 4-6 sessions then a further treatment request report will be submitted if necessary.

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