Price List


General Physiotherapy
Initial Physiotherapy Assessment Manchester£70
Initial Physiotherapy Assessment Warrington £70
Initial Physiotherapy Assessment Knowsley£60
30 Minute Physiotherapy Treatment Manchester£50
60 Minute Physiotherapy Treatment Manchester£100
30 Minute Physiotherapy Treatment Warrington / Knowsley£45
60 Minute Physiotherapy Treatment Warrington / Knowsley£90
Hydrotherapy session - 45 minutes£100
Second Opinion Physio
Second Opinion Physiotherapy Assessment£100
Initial Acupuncture Assessment£70
Follow up Acupuncture Treatment Manchester£50
Follow up Acupuncture Treatment Warrington / Knowsley£45
Post-operative Physio
Initial Assessment£70
Follow up treatment Manchester£50
Follow up treatment Warrington/Knowsley£45
Screening session - up to 60 minutes including prehab plan£90
Physio Led Pilates
1:2£45 (per person)
Ergonomic Assessments
Workplace PhysiotherapyPOA
Ergonomic assessmentsfrom £150
Educational Seminarsfrom £250
Vestibular Physiotherapy
Initial Vestibular Physiotherapy Assessment£90
Follow up Vestibular Treatment£55

Other Services

Sports Massage
30 Minute Sports Massage Manchester£40
60 Minute Sports Massage Manchester£70
30 Minute Sports Massage Warrington£40
60 Minute Sports Massage Warrington£70
30 Minute Sports Massage Knowsley£35
60 Minute Sports Massage Knowsley£65
Footscan® Assessment
Biomechanical assessment£90
Custom orthotics£295
Cosmetic Acupuncture
Initial Consultation and Treatment£125
Treatment Session£95
Block of 6 sessions (inc. initial consultation)£510

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