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Posture Screen

Have you always wanted to improve your posture but don’t know where to begin?

Posture is responsible for the vast majority of desk related aches and pains, as well as being a huge contributor to movement dysfunctions and repetitive strain injuries. The new ‘normal’ posture is hunched and rounded in the upper back/shoulders and extended at the lower back, this places a huge strain on the body and can easily lead to overuse injuries.

We use our state of the art posture screening technology to guide corrective exercises for conditions such as:

  • Dowajers Hump
  • ‘Forward head’ or ‘Poke neck’ posture
  • Kyphotic or rounded back posture
  • Protracted or rounded shoulders posture
  • Lordotic (increased lower back or neck curve)posture

How Does it Work?

If you have been suffering from postural aches and pains, or simply want to correct any faults you might have developed, then a posture screen is definitely for you. The process involves five steps:

  1. Pre-assessment questionnaire and postural images (if online)
  2. Static 4-view posture analysis report
  3. 1:1 consultation with a specialist physiotherapist (in clinic or online)
  4. Bespoke video home exercise programme
  5. Review consultation discussed and arranged if required (charged separately)

Online Posture Screen

Once you’ve booked an appointment we’ll send our PDF guide outlining what we’ll need before the assessment.

At least 24 hours before the assessment we’ll need your images (as specified in the PDF guide), which we will process through our state of the art posture screening software. This will produce a detailed report that we’ll review with you during the session. We also use this report to guide any movement assessments that we may need to explore during the session. Before compiling the results and producing a detailed corrective exercise programme on our rehabilitation application.

Online appointments will take place via zoom with one of our experienced Physiotherapists. The zoom link will be available on the booking confirmation email.

In-clinic Posture Screen

If you’re able to attend face to face for the screening session then we often do not require you to send images prior to the session, as our software can be used with augmented reality. This means we can analyse your posture in real-time on the day of your session.

For both online and in-clinic posture screening we recommend a follow-up screening at around 8 weeks. Prior to this session we will require new images to be taken so we can process them through the software to identify the progress you’ve made. This can be booked with your therapist during the screening session and will be charged at our usual physiotherapy follow-up charge.

    How much does it cost?

    Posture Screen Session £60

    Online Posture Screen £40

    How do I book?

    Posture Screen sessions can be booked via our online booking portal below:

    Our reviews

    When I was booking an appointment on the phone, the person was very friendly and made sure I was booked in as soon as was possible. Subsequent alterations of booked appointments have been dealt with quickly and queries answered straight away. The initial assessment by Craig felt thorough and he made sure that all possibilities were explored for the cause of my knee pain, not just going on my my description of the symptoms. Also he took his time in explaining why I was getting knee pain and the importance of how all the muscles work together in your leg, it was an education. Also my exercise programme was very quickly put together which is easily accessible from the handy app. Overall I am very satisfied with my initial assessment.
    The entire team at Physio Lounge provided a Very professional service through out from the very first contact with the administrative staff for booking the session (Kirsty and Izzy) and then a very professional clinical consultation with Craig who was really interested to get to understand my symptoms followed by a thorough clinical examination and thereafter the hands on therapy . He demonstrated and then asked me to demonstrate that I am following the therapeutic exercises appropriately which was then followed by a video of demonstration of the exercises that he emailed over to me to reinforce the exercise technique is correctly followed. I felt that Craig and his team provided me with a truly professional, non rushed ,dedicated service with patient care at the centre of the practice which has become a rarity these days .
    "I only had 3 visits and I was impressed with the booking system and the app rather than paper exercises I’ve had on previous physio visits. When it was evident I wasn’t getting any better Tom arranged for further tests with an orthopaedic consultant and I was diagnosed and x-rayed within the week.
    Thomas was an excellent, professional and friendly physio and I enjoyed the sessions and I have been left with some good exercises to carry on with.
    Great first session with Craig today. You can't believe how one session can change your life with 2 years pain . Highly recommend.
    Excellent, professional service, treatment plan for home on the app is excellent would highly recommend.


    We accept all major healthcare insurers, if you don't see yours listed don't worry, we may still be able to help, just get in touch and we'll do what we can to help!

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