An ergonomic assessment can be carried out either in person where the specialist Physio will attend your place of work or remotely online. Our remote workstation assessments are useful for homeworkers.

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Prolonged desk-based working has been shown to have several negative impacts upon both the body and mind due to sub-optimal postures.

These impacts can be experienced after a short period of time and without action can lead to longer term chronic musculoskeletal issues.

Sustained poor posture can create a cascade of adaptations, which leads to ‘Tissue’ (muscle, tendon, ligaments) and ‘Joint’ stress creating lingering joint or muscle pain.

At some point in their lives, forty percent of people will get Low Back Pain and sixty percent of people will experience neck pain. This is where proper postural dynamics can help alleviate pain, otherwise, it can lead to chronic conditions, such as:

degenerative disc disease

spinal stenosis

rotator cuff injuries

DeQuervain’s Tenosynivitis

How Does It Work?

An ergonomic assessment can be carried out either in person where the specialist Physio will attend your place of work or remotely online. Our remote workstation assessments are useful for homeworkers.

Once you’ve arranged an appointment you’ll be sent a pre-assessment questionnaire to complete prior to your workstation assessment. Our online workstation assessments include:

  • A review of your home working environment and set up
  • Assessment of your sitting and/or standing posture at your workstation
  • A bespoke video exercise programme sent via our mobile application
  • Advice regarding any ergonomic equipment that you may require
  • A summary report and recommendations sent to the line manager
Equipment Ordering and Provision

We like to provide solutions for people, solutions that improve function, pain and quality of life. Sometimes in a work environment that can be something as simple as providing a monitor arm or ergonomic mouse. Not only are we able to assess, make recommendations and provide rehab programs, we can also source and provide appropriate equipment for the office environment that will give support, added functionality and comfort.

From laptop stands to standing desks to allow regular postural change, we can provide for all your office needs. We will source, order and fit the equipment to ensure you and your employees get the maximum benefit. Any recommendations made during an assessment can then be put into action in one seamless service ensuring you get the best results as quickly as possible.

How Do I Book?

Remote Workstation Assessment

You can book an online workstation assessment directly into our therapists’ diaries using our online booking portal.


On site Workstation Assessment

Employers can complete our Workstation Assessment Enquiry form for a direct quote.

Private Health Insurance?

If you would like to use your private health insurance please call us on 0800 368 9775 or email

Onsite Posture and Ergonomic Seminars
We also provide educational seminars on posture and ergonomics in the workplace to advise your employees on some of the common issues we see as Physiotherapists. Our interactive seminars last for approximately 90 minutes and include the following content:

  • Ergonomics
  • Posture in the workplace
  • Anatomy
  • Common conditions
  • Management options including a practical element


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Onsite Ergonomic Assessment


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Remote Workstation Assessment


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Educational Seminars


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Our Reviews

I would like to thank The Physio Lounge for the recent help i received. I had hurt my lower back and was in extreme pain. I thought due to the covid 19 restrictions I would have to suffer. However i contacted the Physio Lounge and a video call was set up.

- Jo

I have been attending The Physio Lounge since September 2019 twice a week after a serious motorcycle accident with very complex injuries. I have nothing but admiration for Craig and his colleagues dealing and treating me. They have shown me total respect, and without doubt have made my recovery better and quicker than I could of ever expected.

- Karl Halton

I have been treated by Craig at the Physiolounge several times over the last few years for various different running injuries. I’m always impressed by his knowledge, dedication and skill. He even managed In the last few weeks to remotely diagnose and cure a knee problem I had! I would highly recommend Physiolounge.

- Richard

I’ve had many injuries over the past few years including shoulder, hamstring and ankle to name a few. I’ve used Physio Lounge consistently and they’ve done a tremendous job.

- Jimbag Ant

Accepted Insurance

We accept all major healthcare insurers, if you don’t see yours listed don’t worry, we may still be able to help, just get in touch and we’ll do what we can to help!