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Biomechanics play a large role in injury prevention and treatment by identifying and correcting imbalances in foot position, walking/running patterns and lower limb deformity.

This can be achieved by assessing both your static and dynamic postures through a unique footscan® assessment using our state of the art foot scan equipment from RS Scan. Our therapists will analyse the scan findings and discuss appropriate treatment options, whether that is a change of footwear or recommending our Phits 3D Printed Orthotics.

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A Footscan assessment will be able to help identify any abnormal movements, imbalances or weaknesses and help to correct them reducing the risk of injury. A common issue that we often come across is “over pronation” or excessive pronation.

When considering a foot like this we must think of the impact this will have on the rest of the body. If the foot is rolling inwards then there is likely to be excessive rotation in the leg causing the knee to move inwards also, which can lead to an uneven pull on the kneecap increasing the risk of knee pain. This knock on effect can also lead to problems at the hip and lower back.

We are able to utilise a variety of diagnostic tools to help identify any problems, including our state of the art pressure plate which enables us to view force distribution moving through the foot during gait.

We can also observe you running on a treadmill and use video software to slow down and analyse your running style.

So if you are suffering from foot, ankle, knee or hip pain then please contact us to book a footscan® assessment in Manchester, Warrington or Liverpool.

benefits of podiatric biomechanics

Assists with a return to activity

Reduces pain and discomfort

Maintain good joint and soft tissue alignment

Helps with shock absorption

Highlights pressure risk zones


  • Flat foot
  • Hammer toe
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Pressure sores
  • Knee pain
  • Back pain
  • Achilles tendonosis
  • Sporting injuries


  • Footscan® pressure plate assessment
  • Objective examination
  • Footwear fitting/advice
  • Running assessment (if appropriate)
  • Orthotics/insoles recommendations


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Footscan assessment


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Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics from Phits


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Our Reviews

I would like to thank The Physio Lounge for the recent help i received. I had hurt my lower back and was in extreme pain. I thought due to the covid 19 restrictions I would have to suffer. However i contacted the Physio Lounge and a video call was set up.

- Jo

I have been attending The Physio Lounge since September 2019 twice a week after a serious motorcycle accident with very complex injuries. I have nothing but admiration for Craig and his colleagues dealing and treating me. They have shown me total respect, and without doubt have made my recovery better and quicker than I could of ever expected.

- Karl Halton

I have been treated by Craig at the Physiolounge several times over the last few years for various different running injuries. I’m always impressed by his knowledge, dedication and skill. He even managed In the last few weeks to remotely diagnose and cure a knee problem I had! I would highly recommend Physiolounge.

- Richard

I’ve had many injuries over the past few years including shoulder, hamstring and ankle to name a few. I’ve used Physio Lounge consistently and they’ve done a tremendous job.

- Jimbag Ant

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