Online Physio Pilates

Online Physio Pilates

Are you dealing with back pain or have a history of back problems? Clinical Pilates is a Physiotherapist led mat work session that can help you to get back moving without pain. Pilates is an excellent source for improving mobility and range in the joints for all ages. The ability to move freely and with ease as well as combat poor habitual patterns- such as excessive sitting, standing or repetitive movements, is essential to one’s quality of life. Optimal mobility isn’t just about stretching but rather a balance of strength and flexibility. Strength and stabilization are necessary components for increased mobility, which is necessary for everyday activities such as walking, getting out of bed or getting up and down. 

Pilates for Strength, Flexibility & Mobility

Pilates is highly effective for building strength and combats the natural decline of muscle mass and strength associated with age. Pilates has numerous benefits including increased bone density, increased muscle mass and improved balance. All of these contribute to the quality of life and the ability to continue to perform everyday activities that we take for granted. The 3 components, strength, mobility and flexibility are important for forming a strong and stable body. Practicing Pilates and flexibility boots confidence, vigor. All of our Pilates instructors are registered with The Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute.

How Does it Work?

1:1 sessions (60 minutes)

The Physio Lounge offers a truly bespoke service with our highly trained Physio Pilates Instructors. One of our specialist physiotherapists will connect with you via video link to guide you through a unique Pilates flow specific to your needs using Zoom.

Group (60 minutes)

We provide weekly group sessions at various times throughout the week. The group classes are currently online and carried out using Zoom. All participants are muted and you can choose if you want to be visible to the other members of the class. These will be based on a monthly subscription or pay as you go.

How Do I Book?

Online Pilates

1:1 online Physio-led Pilates sessions can be booked via our online booking portal here.

In-Clinic Pilates

1:1 Pilates carried out within one of our clinics can be booked via our online booking portal here.

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