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Our physical health and performance is our priority. Our mission is to provide an exceptional physiotherapy service that YOU deserve by getting you back to the things you love.


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Exercise and Your Brain Pharmacy

  It’s World Mental Health Day and what better way to celebrate than reading a blog post! Jokes aside though mental health disorders such as depression are somewhat of an epidemic that can ruin the lives of people suffering with it. While...

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Don’t get SLAPed!… The low down on labral tears.

Have you got shoulder pain? Maybe some clicking in the shoulder? Don’t know where the heck it’s coming from? Well, you’re in the right place. So we’re all on the same page before we start, there are obviously lots of structures that can cause...

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Squats – The King Of Exercises?

The squat is one of the most fundamental, functional movements we perform as human beings. Every time you get out of a chair, sit on the toilet, crouch down, you’re squatting. Often referred to as “the King of all exercises” the squat is a compound...

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Ankle sprains, can physio help?

Behold…..the Cankle! The Cankle is a phenomena that occurs when the calf seamlessly merges into the ankle for all sorts of reasons, but often swelling (this is by no means acceptable medical terminology 🙄). However, this level of swelling at the...

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Physio

Introduction Carpal tunnel syndrome …it’s a lot like Zumba. You’ve heard of it but you've no idea what it is! Well, I’ve no idea what Zumba is, but it looks a bit like this… Lots of women in brightly coloured clothes, sweating, smiling, and then...

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Achilles Tendonosis and Physio

When we talk about the achilles, we’re not talking about the Greek mythological hero who was so conspicuous in the Trojan wars. Today it's all about the tendon at the back of the ankle that takes his name. The achilles tendon is the strongest...

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Headaches and Physio

Everyone’s had headaches before…whether it’s a symptom of the flu, stress and muscle tension or eating your ice cream too fast!!!!   There are many reasons as to why you might have pain in your head, being over zealous with your Cornetto is...

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Can physiotherapy help with neck pain?

Well that all depends on the reason you have neck pain. If it’s because of something like this… ... then probably not, not really our realm! However, there are many reasons you can develop neck pain and physiotherapy can help in many of these...

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Can Physiotherapy Help Lower Back Pain?

I’m guessing you know the short answer, I’m also guessing you’d like a little bit more than the short answer! Well then here we go… 80% of us will suffer from back pain at some point in our lives… that’s a lot of sore backs! It’s a lot of reasons...

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Management of Muscle Strains

‘Don’t worry, it’s JUST a pulled muscle’ How many times have you heard that? Whether from a friend at work, Alan who looks after the kit down at the club or worse, a qualified health professional whom you’ve sought advice from. Now we’re not trying...

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Prevention and Management of Common Skiing Injuries

I like sport, not all sport, but in general I enjoy it. I like a challenge, physicality, mental toughness. All aspects of sport that make it interesting. Then there’s skiing. A pursuit reserved for those with no immediate concern for...

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Accepted Insurance

We accept all major healthcare insurers, if you don't see yours listed don't worry, we may still be able to help, just get in touch and we'll do what we can to help!


We provide the following career path for our Physiotherapists:

  • Junior Physiotherapist (Under 3 years MSK experience) - £25,000 - £32,000
  • Senior Physiotherapist (More than 3 years MSK experience) - £32,000 - £36,000
  • Lead Physiotherapist/ Specialist Physiotherapist - £36,000 - £44,000

There may be future opportunities for the following as the business grows:

  • Practice Owner (Franchisee) £50,000 +
  • Multiple Practice Owner (Franchisee) £50,000 +

All of the above will include a yearly pay review based on national living wage and personal performance.

We may also run a yearly Bonus Scheme based on personal and business performance resulting in a percentage bonus of current salary.