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Can physiotherapy help with neck pain?

Well that all depends on the reason you have neck pain. If it’s because of something like this… ... then probably not, not really our realm! However, there are many reasons you can develop neck pain and physiotherapy can help in many of these...

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Can Physiotherapy Help Lower Back Pain?

I’m guessing you know the short answer, I’m also guessing you’d like a little bit more than the short answer! Well then here we go… 80% of us will suffer from back pain at some point in our lives… that’s a lot of sore backs! It’s a lot of reasons...

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Management of Muscle Strains

‘Don’t worry, it’s JUST a pulled muscle’ How many times have you heard that? Whether from a friend at work, Alan who looks after the kit down at the club or worse, a qualified health professional whom you’ve sought advice from. Now we’re not trying...

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Prevention and Management of Common Skiing Injuries

I like sport, not all sport, but in general I enjoy it. I like a challenge, physicality, mental toughness. All aspects of sport that make it interesting. Then there’s skiing. A pursuit reserved for those with no immediate concern for...

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Management of Ligament Injuries

Lets talk about ligaments. Incredible structures, vital for joint function. If it wasn’t for ligaments we’d all be walking around like Mr Soft… ‘What’s a ligament?’ I hear you cry. ‘What’s the difference between a ligament and a tendon?’ you ask....

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7 Top Tips for an Injury Free Return to Exercise

It’s January, it’s dark and cold and we’re all a little off the pace following the Christmas excess! Too many parties, too much food and not enough exercise. In fact, the only sweat you’ve managed to work up is a meat sweat as your body struggles...

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To ice or not to ice… that is the question!

RICE… my favourite of all the grains… and an internationally accepted regime for the treatment of soft tissue injury. It’s the latter that we’ll be discussing today. For those of you that don’t know: Rest Ice Compression Elevation I’m pretty...

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How To Treat and Prevent Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow... you cannot be serious!! A reference for the more mature sports fans among us, and a great excuse to put this otherwise irrelevant, yet hilarious picture of McEnroe into my blog!   I don't know what's more offensive; his...

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ITB Friction Syndrome Symptoms and Treatment

Pain in "le" knee! I know... my grasp of languages is unrivalled in the physio world! Let me take a moment to explain my flurry into "la langue française" (plenty more of this to come...) We are currently in the midst of the pinnacle of the...

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Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis – Flip Flop Foot

It’s that time of year again… intermittent sunshine, overcast, humid weather, and frequent rain showers; sadly these are the oh so familiar features of a typical British summer! With this change of temperature comes a change in what we wear,...

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Our Reviews

I would like to thank The Physio Lounge for the recent help i received. I had hurt my lower back and was in extreme pain. I thought due to the covid 19 restrictions I would have to suffer. However i contacted the Physio Lounge and a video call was set up.

- Jo

I have been attending The Physio Lounge since September 2019 twice a week after a serious motorcycle accident with very complex injuries. I have nothing but admiration for Craig and his colleagues dealing and treating me. They have shown me total respect, and without doubt have made my recovery better and quicker than I could of ever expected.

- Karl Halton

I have been treated by Craig at the Physiolounge several times over the last few years for various different running injuries. I’m always impressed by his knowledge, dedication and skill. He even managed In the last few weeks to remotely diagnose and cure a knee problem I had! I would highly recommend Physiolounge.

- Richard

I’ve had many injuries over the past few years including shoulder, hamstring and ankle to name a few. I’ve used Physio Lounge consistently and they’ve done a tremendous job.

- Jimbag Ant

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