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Hamstring Injury in Football

With the World Cup fully underway... we decided to stay on theme and give our football playing followers some advice and guidance into how to deal with the most common footballing injury… The hamstring tear! By December in the 2017/18 premier...

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What is an acetabular labral tear?

We assume if you’re reading this that you’re suffering or know someone struggling with hip pain. There are of course many colourful characters in the hip region who can 'spit their dummy out' and start giving you pain, but today we’re looking at...

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Kneecap / Patella Pain: Can Physiotherapy Help?

Have you ever experienced knee pain and been left scratching your head thinking… “I haven’t done anything, what the hell has caused this?” The majority of grumbly knees that walk through our doors are NOT traumatic which leads to the frustration of...

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6 Top Tips on Mastering Your Marathon Training

In this article we’re going to through some tips to help you master your marathon training, maximise performance and minimise the risk of injury. We’ll also address your some of your FAQs and concerns when it comes to running... so lets go!  ...

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What is Tibialis Posterior Tendon Dysfunction?

The tibialis posterior muscle is sometimes referred to as the “King of the Arch” and with good reason. When it comes to supporting the arch on the inside of your foot it does a lot of the “heavy lifting.” Unfortunately it sometimes ends up being...

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3 CrossFit Prehab Exercises # 3 The Knees

Nooo... it’s not a squat while eating paella (as that would obviously be your first assumption). The Spanish squat is an exercise used for targeting the quadriceps and paella... ehem patella tendon in the absence of a leg extension machine.  ...

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3 CrossFit Prehab Exercises # 2 The Lower Back

Planks, crunches, sit ups... I’m getting bored just writing this list. Surely there are some more inventive and effective ways we can challenge our core to keep our lower backs happy? Well as we continue our CrossFit prehab exercise series, we’re...

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3 CrossFit Prehab Exercises # 1 The Shoulder

Overhead squats, kipping pull ups, handstands, snatches. It’s fair to say that CrossFit has a lot of shoulder intensive movements. Not only that, but the movements are often performed… At high velocity At end of range positions e.g. overhead For...

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Why does my hip click?

“My hip keeps feeling like it’s clicking, clunking, snapping, popping”   Does this sound familiar? Are you this guy or girl? Are you constantly interrupted while doing your leg raises by this annoying click or clunk in your hip? What’s...

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Top 3 Naughty or Nice for Your Body Tips

Crimbo is right around the corner but have you been naughty or nice this year? Well in this post we’re talking you through our top 3 naughty and nice for your body list to give you a helpful “to do” and “to not do” list to help keep you injury free...

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3 Easy Ways to Prevent Neck Pain

“My neck hurts so bad but I’ve not done anything?” This is a phrase we hear a lot when people are hit by a bout of neck pain without any attributable cause, no rhyme or reason... or is there? Neck pain can happen for a lot of reasons but it...

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Physiotherapy for Dizziness?

Unfortunately there are many tragic tales of people experiencing dizziness and vertigo. They go to their GP, get put on medication (which doesn’t always help) and end up resigning themselves to just living with it. But fear not, there is hope!...

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Accepted Insurance

We accept all major healthcare insurers, if you don't see yours listed don't worry, we may still be able to help, just get in touch and we'll do what we can to help!


We provide the following career path for our Physiotherapists:

  • Junior Physiotherapist (Under 3 years MSK experience) - £25,000 - £32,000
  • Senior Physiotherapist (More than 3 years MSK experience) - £32,000 - £36,000
  • Lead Physiotherapist/ Specialist Physiotherapist - £36,000 - £44,000

There may be future opportunities for the following as the business grows:

  • Practice Owner (Franchisee) £50,000 +
  • Multiple Practice Owner (Franchisee) £50,000 +

All of the above will include a yearly pay review based on national living wage and personal performance.

We may also run a yearly Bonus Scheme based on personal and business performance resulting in a percentage bonus of current salary.